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If you are a young entrepreneur, you are surely getting to grips with being a business owner and want to improve in all aspects possible. Other than running the company smoothly, you also have to dress to impress and show the people you meet that you are a man with style. Luckily, there are many famous businessmen you can look to for some fashion inspiration, from social media platform CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to Forex legends such as George Soros and Bruce Kovner.

Businessman look

In terms of style, you’ll notice that great businessmen look for the most valuable and cost-effective fashion investments, just like they do in business. According to, being successful means regularly refining your process, paying attention to new products, and keeping up to date on industry developments. Indeed, a great deal of work goes into maintaining a business, but building a brand extends to the professional presence, which we call - finesse. Great businessmen will always strive for perfection and ways to improve themselves. They will dress simply, but with style, which still means that putting in some effort to look presentable is needed.  

To help you out, we gathered all the most important pieces of advice in one place.

Go for classic colors

The first step toward creating a sharp business image is deciding on the color scheme of your clothes. A great choice is sticking to classic colors such as black and blue. These can easily be combined with each other and other neutrals such as white and gray. For example, you can stock up on various pieces in these colors and then wear them in a variety of different outfits.

Be comfortable

Another piece of advice to take into consideration is choosing garments that make you comfortable. suggests that hard tasks are easier to push through if we create a comfortable environment for ourselves. No, this doesn’t mean dressing like a slob and coming into the office in worn out, oversized clothes that are not appropriate. It means that you should still follow your office’s dress code but adjust your style so that it is both comfortable and makes an impression on your customers and partners. For instance, depending on the dress code you’ve implemented, you can choose classic jeans, a button-down shirt, and a leather jacket. 

On the other hand, a pair of dress pants and a knitted sweater can also look professional – just take a look at what Zuckerberg decided to wear at Facebook F8 in 2018. However, there is no need to spend huge amounts of money as all of these pieces can be found at affordable prices.

Find the right suit

However, while being comfortable is important, every businessman should have a couple of suits in his arsenal. If you can’t afford a custom-made suit, you can still buy an off-the-rack one and take it to a tailor to be perfectly fitted. For starters, get one in black and one in gray, and over time, you can expand your collection. 

In terms of ties, you should have a couple so that you can be prepared for an event that requires you to wear one. That being said, they are optional, and not wearing one will make you look casual. 

But, some rules are there to be broken. Take Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, for example. He doesn’t wear a tie and sometimes even opts for a reverse collar shirt, as well as being well known for his Rick Owens’s creations addiction These are the uniques, the people who follow their own ways of expression, 20and we love them for their rebellion. 

Shoes are important

The shoes you wear will depend on how casual your style is. However, no one wants to see a businessman in worn-out, dirty sneakers. 

For a day in the office, you can go for casual boots or a pair of nice sneakers. For a fancy event, opt for wingtips, oxfords, or bluchers. These are all elegant and classic, meaning you can’t go wrong if you decide to wear them. Remember to keep them clean and shiny.

Accessorize with a watch

To finish off your look, you need a quality watch. Not only will a nice-looking wristwatch complement your outfit but it will make you look sharp and give out the impression that you value both your and your clients’ time. Going for gold, silver, or leather-strapped watch is the best option as they look more professional than digital and sports models. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of jewelry. A nice ring or bracelet will complete your look by adding a touch of luxury.

Regardless of how good you are at what you do, chances are high that people will not take you seriously if you don’t start dressing for the job you want. So, take these tips into consideration and become a well-dressed businessman.

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