Sporty-Classic Attire You Can Wear At the Office

Everyone wants to look nice when they work in an office, that’s a given. But not everyone is comfortable. By wearing sporty-athletic styled clothing you can look nice and feel comfortable at work. But what articles of clothing look best? What brushes up against that fine line between casual and professional? While remaining comfortable? This article looks at four pieces of clothing that are sporty and can be worn at the office.

Sporty-classic clothing

The first piece we’re featuring is fitted long-sleeve t-shirts. This item looks more refined than your average cotton top and feels better too. Look for long-sleeve t-shirts made from a polyester and spandex blend. These are usually the most comfortable. A long-sleeve t-shirt is a safe bet for a work environment. If your office is traditionally more casual, you can get away with wearing long-sleeve t-shirts rather than a button-down.

The second article of clothing that works well in an office environment is the athletic pullover. The athletic pullover is designed to keep you cool and comfortable but with the style of a traditional pullover. Common types are cotton and polyester blends. The athletic pullover is perfect for board room meetings or hitting around on a golf course. No matter the task, you can rest assured you will feel good and look good doing it.

The third item we’re covering are everyday pants. These pants are a mix between jeans and sweatpants and are uber comfortable. They look stylish and can be paired well with a button down, pullover, or t-shirt. These pants fit the bill for work pants as they are clean, one-colored, and well fitting.

The fourth and final item this list features are runners. All-around runners are athletic yet casual shoes that work well both outdoors and in the work environment. Stand out in the office by wearing runners. The variety of mens clothing this item can be paired with makes wearing runners well worth not wearing oxfords. Not to mention, your feet will love you! No one wants to wear uncomfortable shoes all day and runners are extremely comfortable.

There you have it! 4 pieces of clothing you can wear at the office that are both stylish and classic. Each of these items is inexpensive and a foundational piece to any set of attire. Just to quickly recap, we covered the long-sleeve t-shirt. These are a sporty yet classic addition to any wardrobe. Next we covered the athletic pullover. This item is versatile and can be worn in many environments, whether on the golf course or in the office. Then we covered everyday pants. These pants are a perfect combination of jeans and sweatpants and are super comfortable. The final item we covered were runners. Runners are comfortable yet stylish shoes that can be worn in the office environment. They are typically one-color and made from flexible yet comfortable material. If you want to be more comfortable in the office environment impress your coworkers by wearing clothes that are sporty, athletic, and classic.

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