Men's Street Fashion Ideas from the Top Menswear Fashion Capitals

Looking for the latest trends in men's street fashion? Get some ideas here for your new look straight from the top menswear fashion capitals of the world.

Street fashion

How can you let people know you're trendy and fashion-forward? This year, you may want to consider a brightly colored long coat. That's just one of the many new trends we're seeing in men's street fashion lately. With New York Fashion Week just behind us, we're taking a look at what's new in men's street fashion.

Plaid coats, sweaters, and scarves are in season, just in time for fall, and accessorize with a plaid scarf. Long coats are trending too. Go for a plaid, or even better, a tartan pattern. Or, take a page out of the fashion week, and add your own style. Few people can rock plaid plants, so if you're one of the lucky few, rock them with confidence. Make plaid a statement piece a part of your attire. Or accessorize with small plaid patches, like shoes or scarves.

Shoulder Bags
Tired of storing everything in your pockets? You're in luck. Bags are finally coming into mainstream fashion for men. Go for a simple, monotone over the shoulder bag. While most of the bags we saw on fashion week were black, we also saw bright orange bags and even teal striped bags. And surprisingly, we saw fanny packs too. That makes sense since their position over the hips makes them good for your back.

So if you want to rock a fanny pack, go for it. Fashion week supports you. This is a great accessory to cross the ocean on a transatlantic cruise. Practical, and trendy. 

Bright Colors
This year in men's street style we saw a lot of neon and pastels in bright colors. Add a pop of color to any part of your outfit. Consider turning your long coat into a statement piece with neon green or pastel blue. Whatever you choose, bright colors will help you stand out and let the world know you're trendy.

Long Coats
Just in time for fall, long coats are back in style! As we covered, you can turn this one practical piece into a statement piece. Choose plaid patterns and/or bright colors to nail trending men's street style.
Or, go for a timeless black coat. It's still a long coat that's in style, and it's something you can use for years to come. After all, wearing a long coat feels like walking around in a giant cozy blanket. What could be better than that?

The Harness
Popularized by gay culture, one piece to create a frenzy was the harness. Fashion week took a more utilitarian tone with this look. Stylists added pockets and bold colors to turn it into an over-the clothes accessory.
Try adding a harness to your wardrobe and see how it fits your style.

Men's Street Fashion Makes a Statement: Know What You're Saying
What you wear says a lot about you. Men's street fashion is changing, so look into some cool new pieces to keep your wardrobe up to date. Consider adding plaid or bold bright colors.
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