First Date Preparation: A Man’s Ultimate Checklist to Get You to Date #2

Well, it looks like you’ve made it. You’ve made it past those dating barriers and landed yourself a hot date with the girl who has rented out space in your head for the past couple of months. It was hard work though… you survived the awkward glances, the worries of whether or not you’re being a nuisance, and overcome the ultimate fear of rejection by mustering up the courage to ask her out! Great job Romeo… you obviously did something right!

Now, if you think about it, in the world of dating, it’s almost every man’s dream to have a wide selection of women to choose from but for some reason, this particular lady has got you wrapped around her finger. But to be fair, she may have you hooked but you can’t forget that you’ve done something right to spark her interest as well so play to your strengths in that!

First Date Preparation

Get Out of Your Head

From the moment you ask her out and she says yes, there will be all types of things running through your mind.

  1. Did I pick the right date activity?
  2. Do I have to pay for the entire date or are we “going Dutch?”
  3. What should I wear?
  4. Nightcap at my place?
  5. Good night kiss?

All of those questions are very valid but can be a lot to think about, which is why you don’t want to make the mistake of overlooking them. In reality, you should take the extra effort to double-check these items to make sure your date will go as well as it can possibly go!

What Women Want… So You Think…

It’s pretty typical for a man going on a first date with the woman he’s dreamed about for so long to slightly miss the mark on what he thinks she wants out of pure nervousness! A survey conducted by Singles in America (SIA) revealed that out of the women surveyed, 79% of women stated that they weren’t interested in getting a bouquet of flowers… they were more so interested in feeling comfortable on the date.

In the spirit of making your lady feel comfortable on the date, make sure these tips are on your checklist:

Women Enjoy Being on the Receiving End of Compliments

You may think this sounds cheesy or vain but it’s true. If you think about it, who doesn’t like being complimented on the way they look, especially on a date! The SIA study also found that 94% of women wanted to get complimented on the way they looked for the date.

Give Your Undivided Attention to Your Date, Not Your Phone

One of the rudest things a man can do is constantly check their phone while on a date. Who wants to be out with someone who seemingly would rather be alone with their phone than out with them? For a lot of single women, a man constantly checking his phone is grounds for termination of the date.

Pay For the Entire Date… Point. Blank. Period.

If you really sit and think about it… how ridiculous will you look in the aspect that you asked this woman on a date and expect her to pay her own way? If you were going to do that, you shouldn’t have asked her in the first place.

Show a Little Affection

A lot of women do enjoy being shown affection on first dates but this is also something that you would need to gage based off of the chemistry you two have during the date. If she is clearly irritated and not having a good time, then you probably shouldn’t try anything slick. If you’re unsure, you can always simply ask. “Is it okay if I hold your hand?” That’s perfectly fine to ask. It’s better to ask first than to do something and turn her off from you.

Show Up on Time for the Date

“To be early is to be on time, and to be late is NEVER.” When it comes to a first date, first impressions count in every aspect, including timeliness. If you’re late, that’s going to make her think you’re ill-prepared or not interested enough to make the effort to show up on time. Now things do happen, like traffic, but if you encounter that, call her to let her know you’ll be running behind a bit.

Just Be Yourself

All in all, the most important thing mark off on your checklist is to be yourself. Don’t try and pretend to be something you’re not. You definitely want to keep in mind this checklist when preparing for your first date but no matter how you slice it, if you can’t be yourself (with a little tact) then you have to ask yourself is that really the person you want to be with?

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