How Custom T-Shirts Could Be the Marketing Boost Your Brand Needs

If you’ve got any sort of brand or business attached to your name, odds are that you’ve already considered – and perhaps, at one point, even dismissed – the notion of putting your brand or logo on a T-shirt.

It’s difficult to be reluctant to take this particular approach to marketing. After all, isn’t it the most clich? thing in the world? It seems like every little tourist trap, every minor internet celebrity, every small business attempting to make the next big market splash, has branded T-shirts lined up on a rack in some dusty corner, or available on their website at a couple of clicks.

And that’s true. But that really doesn’t change the fact that custom branded shirts are a wonderfully effective means of marketing.

Of course, if we’re honest, one of the major reasons that almost every new brand gets put on a T-shirt is that it’s an extremely easy thing to have done. But when done right, it’s also extremely effective.

See, whatever sort of business you may be running, there’s a way to market custom shirts that won’t just make them seem clich?. Are you selling them as souvenirs in a major tourist area? Identify something that’s unique about the area that the tourists particularly enjoy, and evoke it in a witty manner through the shirt – it’ll seem far more genuine, and far more like a keepsake, that way. Are you using the shirts to support an online brand that chiefly provides other content, like a YouTube or streaming channel, for instance? Emphasise to your support base that, by buying one of your shirts, they’re not just getting a shirt – they’re doing their part to support you and ensure that you keep creating content. Like an alternative to Patreon.

Custom printed T-shirts for men
Print a cool image and text and just add the name of your brand below it

Really, even the most mundane things, like a shirt, can be marketed with tremendous effectiveness if you just take the creative approach.

Of course, before you can get around to any of that, you’ve got to actually find a source for your shirts. Luckily, as we mentioned, there’s an almost endless retinue of places providing on-demand custom printed T-shirts for men and women alike. Wherever in the world you may be, there’s bound to be one of those in the vicinity, easily reachable and able to provide you with your branded shirts quickly and in bulk.

Which ones you ought to opt for is dependent on your situation, of course; but personally, we’d recommend ordering Freshly Baked custom long sleeve shirts, or T-shirts, or whatever you’ve got your eye on. Businesses like Freshly Baked print your shirts in the span of about five minutes, and allow you to order in bulks of up to about 100, thus safely allowing you to drum up interest in your new branded shirts, and quickly order in more if demand goes up, without having to risk being overwhelmed with excess stock.

There really is no better arrangement than selling a customer a branded shirt. A customer gets a means to remember their time with you, or show their support for you, and you get a living billboard. Order your custom shirts today – they could be the basis for some serious brand growth.

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