5 Tips for Fashion Forward Men

Fashion is something that some have more of an interest in than others. However, it’s a perfect form of self-expression and a way to portray your personal style. When it comes to men’s fashion, there is so much that you can do in terms of style. As winter is here, there are several trends that you could consider trying. Whether it be getting a new pair of winter boots or buying a coat straight off of the runway, the possibilities are endless if you’re willing to try something new and explore. Below are 5 tips that every fashion-forward man should consider.

Always Have a Quality Suit

Every fashionable man should have a quality well-tailored suit. You never know when you may need to pull it out and who you might run into. If you happen to work in a white-collar job, you’re likely used to such attire anyway. Tips for buying a quality suit include keeping it simple, choosing the right fabric, and making sure it has the right fit.

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Get a Good Pair of Jeans

Every stylish man has a pair of good jeans that they can pair with smart trainers to wear on weekends. You should invest in a quality pair that looks relatively expensive and if you can afford it, get them in different shades. This is a way you can dress whether you’re in your 30s or 40s as it’s versatile enough for almost any man to pull off.

Pick the Right Hairstyle

Your hair in some instances can be considered just as important as the clothing that you wear. For this reason, choose a style that suits your face and brings out your best features. Perhaps consider trying one of the top hairstyles for men that have been trending this year. For instance, you could get a French crop which shaved or short hair on the sides and a longer floppier fringe on the top. Another hairstyle to consider is a comb-over which is a common look, but it tends to work best for people with thick hair. However, if you’re suffering from hair loss and would like your hair to be thicker, you should read Vera Clinic’s post on hair transplants to learn more about it and whether it may be an option for you.

Master Smart Casual

One thing that every stylish man should know is how to master smart casual wear. This typically means an outfit is neat, conventional yet informative. A perfect example of a smart casual outfit is wearing a pair of clean-cut jeans with smart trainers and a blazer. By being able to dress smart casual, you should always look good no matter where you go.

Buy Smart Trainers

A saying goes that one of the first things a woman looks at is a man’s shoes, so in light of this you should make sure you always have on a good pair. Try and invest in a pair of smart trainers or two as they go with a range of different outfits. Brands such as Clarks, Aldo, and Reiss make quality and stylish, smart trainers, so consider seeing if they have any that you like.

Being fashion-forward is something any man with style can do. Even if you aren’t the most fashion-forward person, it isn’t anything that you can’t learn. The tips above are a great place to start, and by adding self-confidence into the mix, you can’t go wrong.

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