4 interesting facts you didn't know about the men's suit

The men's suit is really an amazing garment with a long history. A friend of mine calls it the "Mercedes in men's clothing". Here are 4 interesting facts about the men's suit that may be you didn't know.

4 interesting facts you didn't know about the men's suit
Model of Richmart - the most modern made-to-measure suits factory in Eastern Europe

1. Showing a little shirt cuff had a purpose

In the beginning of the 1900s the suit wasn’t a garment that everyone could buy and replace easily. That's why men left their shirt cuffs a little longer to prevent the suit cuffs from fraying. It was much more easy to change a shirt than a suit jacket.

2. The buttonhole on the Lapel used to serve a purpose

The boutonniere hole on a lapel was originally connected to a button on the other side. That was meant to keep out wind and cold. There are still winter coats that use this trick.

3. Men have to leave the last button of the suit jacket unbuttoned because Louis XIV got fat

There is a story that never fastening the last button on a suit jacket dates back to Louis XIV. In preparation for a grand ball, the king found himself a little too hefty to close all of the buttons on his favorite formal jacket. The other men at court did the same and started this "fashion".

4. The working cuffs were originally created for surgeons

The buttons on the sleeve of a suit were developed so that wartime surgeons could roll up their sleeves and get to work on the battlefield. Now the working cuffs are a sign of a high quality made-to-measure or bespoke suit.

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