Made-to-measure - the fastest growing segment of the men's fashion industry

More and more men nowadays want to break free from the sea of black, navy and grey flannel suits. They want to wear a suit that not only fits them better but is also closer to their personal style. Made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually but they also offer a complete customization by the choice of the fabric, lining, buttons, etc.

Made-to-measure - the fastest growing segment of the men's fashion industry

That's the reason made-to-measure has become the fastest growing segment of the men's fashion industry. Made-to-measure is already a necessity to every menswear brand as it provides a whole new experience to the men with style, giving them what they want.

Most brands still offer made-to-measure at a higher price than ready-to-wear. However there is one European brand whose mission is to offer well-made suits at an affordable price (at the price of the ready-to-wear suits) and in this way give the chance to more men to be stylish and dress well. This is the brand Richmart, owned by the most modern European factory for men's suits made-to-measure.

Made-to-measure - the fastest growing segment of the men's fashion industry

Richmart keeps more than 1,000 items in stock - fabrics from world famous mills like Cerutti, Vitale Barberis Cononico, E.Thomas, Dormeuil - and offers over 300 different designs of men's suits, coats, jackets and vests.

1,000 fabrics, 300 designs and models available in all sizes, needed in a store, give a huge number of options, which can't be kept in a single store. Richmart factory can deliver the orders in 2 to 3 weeks and this leads to much smaller investments from the retailers and driving more sales.

Made-to-measure - the fastest growing segment of the men's fashion industry

Pursuing its mission to dress men well, recently Richmart opened a showroom in Amsterdam and is willing to work with designers and entrepreneurs from the Netherlands who wish to offer made-to-measure suits to their customers. The business model is suitable even for recently graduated students with good communication skills and ambitions to enter the global business with little investments.

Interested in entering the men's suits business? Drop Richmart a message at

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