How to reduce costs for transportation of suits from the manufacturer to the customer

SuitPack Tailored is a single product that can be used to pack, receive and deliver a suit “ready to wear”. It has been developed to allow suit manufacturers, distributors and retailers to experience greater predictability and consistency in this process.

Suit Packing Solution

SuitPack Tailored helps to reduce the costs for transportation of suits from the manufacturer to the customer.


• Removes the need for garment-on-hanger, shrink-wrapping or loose pack in cartons.
• Brings handling of suits in line with handling of all other boxed products.
• Multiple suits per carton can be handled as one unit.
• Reduced cost of logistics as there is no longer a need to use specialist GOH trucks, warehouses and shipping containers.
• Provides greater flexibility to ship quantities below full container loads.
• Standard transport can be used for deliveries and returns.

Suit Packing Solution

SuitPack Tailored can be branded with your company logo and it is the perfect suit packing solution with no compromises in quality, performance or dependability.

Get more details from the SuitPack Tailored Presentation or contact SuitPack Pty Ltd. at

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