Where to order a custom-made men's suit online?

Modern way of life is very busy in every aspect and yes, men spend more time and money on their wardrobe nowadays, but many of them prefer to do their shopping fast and easy and why not from their home or office. But in the same time, gentlemen want to look and feel unique.

So, offering custom-made clothing online is the natural decision, which combines both personalization and time saving. There are many tailors and companies that you can rely on for creating high quality and perfectly fitting men's suits and shirts.

Here is our Top 20 (in alphabetic order):

7 Regent Lane
Website: www.7regentlane.com
Country: USA
Products: Suits, Dress shirts, Tuxedos, Blazers/Sport coats, Dress pants, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself - measuring tape/iPhone or Android app, tailor
Fabric samples: Swatch kit and measuring tape, free of charge
Shipping and time: Shipping is fully included in the price, 3-4 weeks
Alterations: All orders are backed by the 7RL Flawless Fit Guarantee - the team will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your order.
Phone: 267-712-9304
Email: support@7regentlane.com

Name: Alfa Designer (Commission Based Provider)
Website: www.alfadesigner.com, www.linda-kelly.alfadesigner.com
Country: USA
Products: Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Jeans, Ties, Blouses for Men and Women
Measurements: Yourself
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: n.a., 3 - 5 weeks
Alterations: No
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: support@alfadesigner.com, LsKelly53@gmail.com

Name: Alton Lane
Website: //www.altonlane.com
Country: USA
Products: Suits, Shirts, Blazers, Trousers, Overcoats, Tuxedos, Ties
Measurements: Yourself or you can book an appointment online (New York, Washington, Boston only)
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: 15$ for a suit, 7$ for a shirt, 4-6 weeks
Alterations: Adjustments at a local tailor covered 120% up to 100$ in the form of credit to customer's account
Phone: 888.800.8616
Email: measurements@altonlane.com

Name: Blank Label
Website: www.blanklabel.com
Country: USA
Products: Shirts only
Measurements: Yourself, your tailor or send in a shirt
Fabrics samples: No
Shipping and time: Free or for 8$ express shipping, 2-4 weeks
Alterations: Free remake if the shirt doesn't fit. Returns go to charity
Phone: +1 (781) 236-3559
Email: sayhi@blanklable.com

Where to order a custom-made men's suit online?

Black Lapel
Website: www.blacklapel.com
Country: USA and China
Products: Suits, Shirts, Weddings, Blazers, Pants, Vests, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself (easy-to-follow measurement videos)
Fabrics samples: Up to 3 swatches
Shipping and time: Free worldwide, 4 weeks
Alternations: Credits for a local tailor ($75 per suit, $50 for everything else)
Phone: no phone support, online only
Email: concierge@blacklapel.com

Name: Daniel and Lade Bespoke Menswear (D&L)
Website: www.danielandlade.com
Country: UK
Products: Bespoke suits, Bespoke shoes, Weddings
Measurement: Yourself by online 3D designer platforms or in store (London)
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Free shipping on all items within the UK. International shipping vary depending on the Country, 15-20 workdays
Alterations: If it's a fault from their end, D&L resolve the problem at no extra cost to the customer
Phone: 02033183030
Email: info@danielandlade.co.uk

Name: Harry Suits
Website: //www.harrysuits.com
Country: India
Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Jeans, Ties, Blouses for Men and Women
Measurements: Yourself
Fabric samples: Swatches of the entire Fabric Range - 15$
Shipping and time: Free, 2-3 weeks
Alterations: Up to $75 alteration credit via Gift Certificate which can be used anytime on the website ($75 for a Complete Suit, $45 for Separate Jackets, $35 for Separate Pants).
Phone: no phone support, online only
Email: support@harrysuits.com

Website: www.indochino.com
Country: Canada and USA
Suits, Shirts, Blazers, Coats, Pants, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself (and get a free tape measure delivered to your home)
Fabric samples: 29$ (will be credited with the next purchase)
Shipping and time: Free, 28 days
Alterations: Up to 75$ at a local tailor in form of credit for the online store, otherwise free remake or even return
Phone: 1 (855) 334-0788
Email: help@indochino.com

Website: www.institchu.com
Country: Australia
Suits, Shirts, Jackets, Pants, Vests, School uniforms
Measurement: Yourself (instructions, photo and video tutorials) or a tailor
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Free on orders over $100. For orders under $100 there is a $20 Flat Rate Shipping charge; 3-4 weeks, for all wedding groups a minimum of 8 weeks is required
Alterations: up to $50 worth of alterations within 30 days of receiving the order. InStitchu offers also a $25 Suit Insurance, guaranteeing that if you need some adjustments, the company will provide you with up to $100 of Store Credit to reimburse you for the Alterations
Phone: (02) 9222 2801
Email: contact@institchu.com

Name: iTailor
Website: www.itailor.com
Country: Thailand
Suits, Three piece suits, Jackets, Pants, Vasts, Tuxedos, Overcoats, Shirts, Shoes, Neck ties, Jeans
Measurements: Yourself or choose a standard size (S, M, L)
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Separate shipping charges for each product ordered apply, 5-6 weeks
Alterations: iTailor offers no refunds in any case; up to 80 euros for adjustments at a local tailor; if the style chosen is produced wrong, iTailor remakes the suits without any charges, but the customer needs to return the suit by the most economical local airmail (maximum cost covered by iTailor is 33 Euros)
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: info@itailor.com

Knot Standard
Website: www.knotstandard.com
Country: USA
Suits, Shirts, Blazers, Trousers, Ties, Squares, Scarves, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself (via webcam, measuring tape or your favorite suit)
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Free, 3-5 weeks
Alterations: they cover up to $75
Phone: 855.784.8968
Email: info@knotstandard.com

Where to order a custom-made men's suit online?

Modern Tailor
Website: www.moderntailor.com
Country: China
Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Pants, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself, your tailor or send in a shirt/a suit
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Standard shipping: Shirt (first 2 shirts) - US$10/item, Shirt (third shirt or up) - US$8/item, Pants - US$10/item, Suit – US$35/item. Modern Tailor offers free shipping to all *shirt-only* orders worth more than $150. All fabrics below $80 are included in this free shipping promotion. The free shipping promotion will not work for the other non-shirt items or shirts over $80 on your cart; up to 3 weeks or expedite production ($5/shirt) and expedite delivery ($8/shirt) to produce and deliver orders within 10-15 business days
Alterations: Send shirts back if adjustments needed. Alteration fee is $10 per shirt
Phone: 86 021-32301953
Email: sales@moderntailor.com

My Tailor Store
Website: www.mytailorstore.com
Country: Thailand
Suits, Shirts, Coats, Pants, Vests, Tuxedos, Skirts, Blouses for Men, Women and Children
Measurements: Yourself or a tailor
Fabric samples: No
Shipping and time: Free Shipping over 65$, 2 - 3 weeks
Alterations: Send back for alterations
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: info@mytailorstore.com

Name: Oliver Wicks
Website: www.oliverwicks.com
Country: USA-based company, Made in Europe suits
Products: Suits, Shirts, Accessories
Measurement: Quick and simple one-time self-measurement process
Fabric samples: Free via mail or $15 for express delivery
Shipping and time: Free on all orders over $ 60 (EUR 50). Swatch books and tape measures are also delivered free of charge. Shipping costs $ 14.90 (EUR 9.90) for all other orders; returns in the US and UK are free within 30 days
Alterations: Adjustment of garments at a local tailor (Suit: $125, Other tailored garments: $50). If the item cannot be altered, Oliver Wicks will remake the garment
Phone: +1 888-914-8913
Email: custom@oliverwicks.com

Ravis Custom Tailor
Website: www.ravistailor.com
Country: Thailand
Custom-made and made-to-measure classic single-breasted business and formal suits, sport coats and blazers, three-button designer suits for men, short or ultra long skirt and pant suits for women, elegant formal and work wear dress shirts
Measurements: Yourself or in person by a tailor (traveling tailors in the USA and Canada)
Fabric samples: Swatches are shipped within 7 to 10 working days of placing the swatch request and are delivered by couriers (there are different options depending on client's wishes)
Shipping and time: $15 and free for orders above US$ 150; 1-2 weeks
Alterations: If there is an error made by them, Ravis Custom Tailor do all the necessary adjustments and/or replacements and reship the order to the client, totally free of charge. If the client has sent the wrong measurements - they do the adjustments at no obligation on the client's part, but return shipping and handling is the client's responsibility
Phone: (44) 020 3239 0756
Email: ravi@ravistailor.com

Name: Studio Suits

Website: www.studiosuits.com
Country: India
Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Blazers, Vests, Pants
Measurements: Yourself
Fabric samples: 1$ per Swatch Sample
Shipping and time: Online Calculator (worldwide shipping), 2 - 3 weeks
Alterations: 20% product credit for first time customers only
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: support@studiosuits.com

Name: Suitly
Website: www.suitly.com
Country: Canada
Suits, shirts, jackets, pants, accessories
Measurements: Yourself
Fabrics samples: No
Shipping and time: Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over $140, up to 3 weeks
Alterations: Local tailor adjustments (Suit - $75, Shirt - $50) P
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: hello@suitly.com

Name: Suitopia
Website: www.suitopia.com
Country: Sweden
Suits, Tuxedos, Dress coats, Morning coats, Frock coats, Weddings, Shirts, Accessories
Measurements: Yourself (offers easy to use measurement guide)
Fabric samples: Free
Shipping and time: Free delivery worldwide for all orders, 2-3 weeks
Alterations: Local tailor adjustments (Suit - $50, Jacket - $30, Trousers - $20); If necessary adjustments are not possible, Suitopia remakes the garments
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: customerservice@suitopia.com

Tailor Store
Website: www.tailorstore.com
Country: Sweden
Suits, Shirts, Chinos, Polos, Underwear, Jackets, Coats, Sweaters, T-shirts, Uniform shirts, Ladies' shirts and polos
Measurements: Yourself (measurement guidelines)
Fabric samples: Yes
Shipping and time: Free shipping on orders above $150, fabric samples - $2, Garments and accessories - $19.90, 10-20 workdays
Alterations: Adjustment of garments at a local tailor (Shirt: $20, Polo piqu?: $20, Chinos: $30, Entire suit: $50, Only jacket: $45, Only trousers: $30)
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: support@tailorstore.com

Website: www.tailor4less.com
Country: A company based in Spain, Switzerland and China
Suits, Jackets, Waistcoats, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Pants, Coats, Accessories, Dresses, Skirts in addition for Women
Measurements: Yourself (measurement guidelines) or a Measure Estimator
Fabric samples: 1.30$ per Swatch Sample, that turns into web credit for your next purchase
Shipping and time: Free for orders above 100$ (worldwide), otherwise 10$, 2 weeks
Alterations: Bring your garment to a local tailor and get the money returned in cash
Phone: No phone support, online only
Email: cs@tailor4less.com

Photos: www.7regentlane.com

Made To Order production

The European factory RICHMART is a quality manufacturer of made-to-measure and made-to-order men's suits. RICHMART is looking for men's suits brands and retailers who are willing to request the production of Made To Order men's suits.

Richmart services are appropriate for retailers, brands, designers and tailors, who want to optimize their work and efficiency, reduce investments and increase ROI. Contact RICHMART for a quote

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